I'm Peter Chinetti, a Computer Engineer from the Illinois Institute of Technology. I graduated Spring 2015, and am now in NYC for work.

I'm very fortunate that Engineering is what I do for work, school and fun. I didn't have an existential crisis trying to pick a major, I knew that I wanted to be an Engineer. While in school, I spent all four undergraduate years as a member of the Illinois Tech Robotics Team, or ITR. The ITR lab is housed at the site of what used to be IIT's nuclear research reactor. How does this impact the members? We have thick concrete walls and blast doors, which gives us tremendous freedom. While part of the team, I have worked on two first place robots (and two first place pumpkin launchers), traveled to California for RoboGames, and pulled many all-nighters working on dumb, crazy projects. More information about the projects I'm extra excited about can be found on my projects page.

A representative picture of me

A representative picture of me in the ITR lab

Beyond what I worked on at the robotics lab, I also got a degree from IIT. Somewhere around my Sophomore year, I learned what git was as I had to use it in a systems programming class. From then on, I have been storing my work in a git repo (I understand that git is not optimized for tracking binary file changes, but it is so simple for tracking a mixture of code, LaTex, and PDFs). I set up a post-receive script to checkout HEAD to chinetti.me/classes, which was super useful for printing across campus and for serving as a reference for people who wanted help with a class I'd taken.

peter@chinetti.me | ddaygold@github